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Welcome to my blog! I’m the girl behind the crochet hook!

I first learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was in elementary school!  I crocheted a few granny squares that never made it into a blanket and didn’t think much about crocheting for a long while!  When I was in college I started noticing crochet items making a comeback and re-taught myself how to crochet through LOTS of YouTube videos and blog posts.

During the day I’m a preschool teacher! I love being the first school experience that most kids have.  The best part about my job is the unconditional love I get from my students each day!

When I picked up crocheting again I depended heavily on the knowledge that others shared with me through the internet.  I hope I can be helpful to beginner crocheters and inspire those that have been crocheting an entire lifetime!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ramsi Leigh

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