How to Make a Pom Pom


A pom pom can make an adorable addition to a hat!  They are super easy to make, too!  All you need is yarn, scissors, a yarn needle, and some thin cardboard!

First you have to make this:


Fancy, right?? Cut a couple of circles out of cardboard– a back of a notepad works great!  The bigger the circles, the bigger the pom pom.  These circles are about 3 inches. I also used a box cutter to cut out the middle circle.


Next you’ll want to cut your yarn.  To make my pom pom I stretched the yarn as long as my wingspan and repeated 6 times. (how’s that for measurements?) It ends up being a REALLY long piece of yarn.  Find both ends of your yarn and thread your yarn needle until it’s in the middle of your long piece of yarn.


Start wrapping your yarn around your circles! This part takes the longest!


Use your scissors and cut the yarn to remove the needle. Now you can insert your scissors between the two circles and cut the yarn! You’re almost done!


Next, cut a piece of yarn long enough for sewing the pom pom on your hat.  Place the yarn in between the two cardboard circles and tie very tight. Remove the cardboard circles and…



Now you’re ready to sew this cute little pom pom on a hat!  To see some of the hats I’ve made with pom pom’s make sure you check out my Instagram or Facebook!

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